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Tips for Maintaining Fishing Rod

Performance and service life of a fishing rod have closed relationship with maintenance. Besides using gently and carefully, angles also need to maintain fishing rod carefully after they coming back home.

Moisture inside rod has been consumed a lot after exposure under the sun, especially bamboo rod. If the rod is packed up directly, the rod will be corroded or even lose its elasticity. Rod may be broken for inadequate elasticity. For such situation, the following methods can be used for maintenance: use wet towel whose temperature is about 50℃ to wipe rod gentle, which is called as replenishment; dry the rod for 20 minutes. Then wipe the rod gentle by using a piece of flannel with car wax which is called as waxing; finally, air the rod for a night.

If rod has been wet by rainwater, the rod is still wet even it having been wiped by using dry cloth. When you joint the rod in the next day, you can feel the rod wet. The surface of rod will lose its finish and darken and it will also be corroded. In the future fishing ,the rod may be broken if hook gets stuck or rod catches large fish. For this, the every section should be wiped by using dry cloth after you back home. Then, arrange the rod tidily and cool it for a night in ventilation places. Waxing rod is better after cooling. It is not only easy for joint, also highly extending larger service of rod.

Rod should not be stored in wet places for sealing, which may cause depainting or bubble on rod. Moreover, it can also cause color fading on electroplated accessories. What is worse, metal accessories are corroded and guide, reel seat or tail loses their own functions. So, dry rod in shade after fishing. Rod only can be picked up after salinity, moisture or dirt being wiped out completely.

Rod cannot be used as decoration. If the rod is hanged on the wall for a long time, the rod will be aged for it made of high molecular polymer. Three factors result in aging: light aging, thermal aging and ultraviolet radiation aging.

In the end of ever spring, when temperature difference between day and night is low, open storeroom for ventilation. Use chamois or glasses cloth to clean fly ashes on every section. Old rod should be waxed with a layer of degreaser to keep finish and brightness. New rod does not need wax. If there is no storeroom at home, you can make a sealed collection cabinet by yourself. Put the rod in the cabinet and the cabinet should avoid direct sunlight. In summer, indoor temperature cannot be too high, keeping below 30 centigrade. In winter, indoor temperature cannot be too low, keeping at 18-20 centigrade.

In winter, rod should be maintained carefully if you do not fish. If it is a carbon rod, put it inside original box. The rod should be stored in cabinet whose temperature is 20-25 centigrade and relative humidity is not higher than 60%. If there is not original box, the rod should be put into cloth cover firstly, and then put into the bag. Box and bag should be put in the room upright instead of transversely, in case of transformation due to be pressed.

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