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Tips for Choosing Artificial Baits Used in Lure Fishing

Artificial baits play a key role in lure fishing. So, how to choose artificial baits is quite important. People get confused about baits for their various colors and categories. Choices of baits needs to be paid attention. In general, artificial baits can be classified into hard baits, soft baits, floating baits and sinking baits. The followings are the tips used to choose bait.

1.According to species
We should follow reaction of fish to water temperature and their hearing, vision or smell. We should highly focus on reaction of baits for water temperature and their visual effects, which are the most important.

2.According to weather
In general, we choose kinds of artificial baits based on weather. For example, yellow or silver gray is used in daytime. While in cloudy day, lure having strong visual effect is used, such as pink or white.

3.According to water quality, temperature or light
Water quality and temperature need to be focused. Moreover, refraction of light is also important. Generally, red and black are less used due to disadvantageous for fishing.

4.According to height of obstacle and underground
Hard lures falling into water is judged easily. However, soft lures require some techniques to make them more lifelike and attract fish to catch. Before fish, we should pay attention to the height of obstacle and underground, and determine which kinds of artificial lures are used.

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