Spinnerbait, Ideal for Preventing Getting Stuck

Spinnerbait is commonly used in lure fishing, using a piece of bent steel wire to connect leaf blade with rubber jig morphologically. Spinnerbait originally aims at black bass. The bait has good attraction and prevents getting stuck.

Spinnerbait attracts fish, depending on light reflection and vibration of blade in water and swimming action of rubber jig. Target fish mistakes it as small fish group and open mouth. All of fishes have the habit to attack dissociative fishes. So, fish usually bites rubber jig instead of twinkling blade. The bait makes noise in the water, having high attraction to big fishes. Bait with leaf blade has high sinking speed while having low sinking speed with circular blade, which needs to be paid attention.

Spinnerbait is quite suitable for searching in marked position having serried water plants or obstacles. For bass, spinnerbait is appropriate for every season. For enhancing attractions, rubber jig can be added with a shad or soft bait with roll tail.

Expected water layer can be judged based on sinking speed of bait after casting. Then, retrieve it immediately. Shake tip or change speed to enhance stimulation to fish.

When bait falls into water, retrieve it at once, making blade rotate on the surface of water. Spinnerbait with circular blade is the best for method, suitable for active piscinity. Another kind of spinnerbait focuses on such operating method, also called as buzzbait whose blade is taken the place of by a large propeller to make noise on surface to attract fish.

If there are less water plants in marked position, sinking speed of bait is slowed down by water plants. Retrieve it slowly to reflect light in the water or stir leaf for attraction.

When position having obstacles such as deadman, rock or pier, use the pose that spinnerbait sinks from water surface to bottom to attract fish. After bait falling to bottom, provoke it to make it fall again.

Elfin Spinnerbait

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