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Beginner Should Know: Spinning Reels VS Casting Reels

For lure angler, spinning reels and casting reels are generally used. For lure beginners, spinning reels are more suitable. If you want to improve you own skills, you must buy a casting reel. Although utilization of spinning reels is quite simple, backlash cannot be avoided. The longer fishing line used, the more easily backlash occurs. So, in case of backlash, thin line should be used. A disadvantage of spinning reels is that its mechanical property is poorer than casting reels.

Operation of casting reels are more difficult than spinning reels. It requires lone time practice for time and skills. Rotation and brake force should be adjusted according to lure weight and air drag. You should press spool by using your thumb after learning casting (called as thumbing), in case of spool outlet too fast. After lure entering into water, press the spool to stop from rotating, then, backlash can be avoided. If thumbing is not masted, terrible consequence may be resulted in. The whole line may even be cut off. For beginner, better learn side casting at first and adjust frag force and brake force to maximum as much as possible. Practise lure ranging from 10g to 15g, and adapt to force skills of casting reels gradually. If you have a chance, you should learn from a experienced angler who is familiar with casting reels. You will master skills soon.

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