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How to Choose a Lure Fishing Rod (Part One)

When a beginner enter into a fishing gear shop to choose a lure rod, he often has no idea for thousands of rods. If store owner is an industry insider, he only earns few money. The bought rod is still useful. If the owner also does not know much, we may buy an useless rod while spend money. How to choose a suitable rod?

Lure rod is classified into spinning rod and casting rod. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. In general, spinning rod matching with spinning reel is easier for getting started, requiring simple casting skills and having large casting range. In other words, you can cast small lure or a spoon for a long distance, while the accuracy is not high. Casting rod matching with casting reel has decent style, not easy for getting start and having limited casting distance. For most of casting reels whose prices below 149 USD, the casting distance is far behind than spinning reels having the same prices. However, casting rod matching with casting reel has an enormous advantage, having high accuracy, which means that casting reel can perform very difficult casting skills. A rod is generally divided into grip, rod blanket and guide ring.

Spinning Rod with Spinning Reel

Grip is the part that rod the most commonly touches with hand, being classified into split grip or integrated grip, you can choose for your like, comfort to hold. In particular, grip is usually made of cork or EVA. For hold feeling, cork is more comfortable than EVA. But, cork is not convenient for cleaning, rotting or mildewing easily. Although EVA is harder and hold feeling is inferior to cork, it is easily cleaned, having long service life.

Most of rod blankets are made from high-ton carbon fiber, categorized into one-piece rod, two-piece rod and four-piece rod. In the past, due to low-ton carbon fiber and technology, conductivity of section rod cannot be compared to one-piece rod. Nowadays, for development of materials and technology, the difference of conductivity between two kinds of rod is very little. Two-piece rod or even four-piece rod are qualified, if you are fishing for entertainment, not for athletics.

Casting Rod with Casting Reel

Rod blanket determines power and action. The commonly seen power is UL, L, ML, M, MH, H, XH, XXH. UL is the softest. Lure weight has closed relationship with power, also called as load. Rod having specific power can cast specific lure weight. For action, action of lure rod is quite similar to stream fishing rod, categorized into super fast, fast, medium fast, medium, slow. For super fast rod, bending point is closer o tip while bending point is closer to grip for slow rod. For fast rod, it is more laconical when fish is hooked. However, fish can easily flee away during being dawdled. Rod having slow action is draggier when fish is hooked. The fish cannot flee away easily. So, we should choose rod according to rigs we used. When we use Texas rig, drop-shot rig or other soft bait rigs, we should choose rod having fast action. If we use hard lure, we can choose a rod having slow action. The choice of rod length is also a skill.

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