5-PC Trout Soft Bait, Silicone, 12.5g, 8.3cm

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Type: Swimbait
Materials: Silicone
Quantity: 5-PC
Weight: 12.5g
Length: 8.3cm
Colors: light gold, ocean blue, brilliant orange, sea green, rainbow green
Target species: pike, bass, trout, etc


Environment friendly: Soft body made of silicone warps lead weight in case of pollution.
Attractive: Trout appearance, 3D eyes and T-tail have excellent attraction to fish with swimming action.
Corrosion resistance: Treble hooks are well protected with corrosion resistance design ,having durability.
High hook-up ratio: Black nickel barbedhook with top single hook highly increases hook-up ratio.
Versatile: Suitable for saltwater and fresh water.