5-PC Metal Spoon Jig Fishing Lure, 40g, 60g

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Type: Metal Spoon Lure
Material: Lead
Weight: 40g, 60g
Length: 7.4cm, 8.5cm
Color: 5 Colors
Hook Size: #4/#6 Single Hook
#4 Treble Hook



Asymmetry & Asymmetry: Made of high strength aluminum alloy with asymmetrical and streamlined design, the lure enters into water faster, having better swimming action and streamlined in water.
Attractive: 3D simulation eyes and strong single hook with emulation feather, more attractive to fish.
High Hook-up Ratio: Corrosion resistant treble hook greatly increases hook-up ratio.
Excellent Surface: High-level alumite coating improves hardness and abrasion resistance.