UV Protection Breathable Fingerless Fishing Gloves

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Type: Sun & UV Protection Breathable Fingerless Fishing Gloves

Material: 90% poly-spandex fabric+10% Spandex elastic material

Protection Level: UPF 50+ & SPF 50 UV Protection

Protection Position: Hand & Wrist

Color: Camo Grey, Reflection Black, Scales Blue

Size: S/M, L/XL

Application: Kayaking, Hiking, Paddling, Cycling, Canoeing, Rowing, Fishing etc.



Perfect Grip & Open Palm Design: The Goture gloves are made using a partial synthetic leather. Open palm design for extra dexterity and sensibility. Thick palm pads protect your hands from fish thorns.

Grip Slippery Fish: Offers a snug fit and durability that won’t affect your dexterity to change hooks, baits or land fish.The gloves gives you a good grip for removing fish hooks and releasing your catch back into the river.

Quick-Dry Fabric & Lightweight and Breathable: The Fishing Gloves are made of breathable poly-spandex fabric, lightweight and quick-drying, letting you feel comfortable and cool.

Easy To Take Off: The finger and cuffs have pull tabs to make pulling them on or off fast and hitch-free.even when the gloves are wet.

Extra-Long Cuff Protect Your Wrist: Long cuff of the gloves protect your wrist where the sleeves of your shirt won't reach.Offering full sun protection from your finger tip to your wrist.