Minnow Fishing Lure, ABS, 3D Eyes

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Type: Minnow

Materials: ABS+UV painting

Colors: 5 colors

Hook: 8# treble hooks

Steel ball: 2 pieces

3D eyes: Yes

Length: 7.5cm (2-15/16”)

Weight: 5.6g(1/2oz)

Diving depth: 1.2-1.8m(4-6ft)



Attractive: 3D eyes and lifelike skin are attractive to fish.

Wear resistant: Main body made of ABS plastic highly improves durability and wear-resistance, ensuring long-term usage.

Sharp: 8# treble hooks made of black nickel increase hook-up ratio.

Balanced: The internal metal ball maintains stable swim, also causing noise to attract fish.

Versatile: The lure is commonly used for predatory fish such as squid, stingray and musk, also used in freshwater and saltwater.