What Color of Braided Line to Choose and Why

Every fisherman is looking for the most effective combination of parts of their gear. Spinning with especially desirable properties, the coil striking in its perfection and ... One of the important elements of gears is braided line. This article is about mechanical properties of the lines and the the choice of their colors.

When choosing a line, there are only two practical approaches:

The first is the choice of the color of the line, for example, the color of your own eyes or in combination to some decorative elements on the gear. Well, let's say, let it be a plastic blotch on the side of the line. With this type, everything is clear and then I will not dwell on it. Although, speaking of spinning, I personally adhere to this very approach. And it's easier.

The only moment that can spoil this aesthetic perception of the line is a change in its color during operation. For many, especially if they are bright, such a loss is simply disastrous. It seems to have bought a bright red, and looking even after a couple of fishing trips it is pale pink. Those. here you must either choose the lines where the loss of color will be invisible (yellow, gray, white, blue) or multicolor, where there is no unequivocal reference to any one color.
Goture Braided Line
The second - the color of the line should visually help the fisherman to control the rigging, to understand what is happening under the water with the bait. This is very important in refined gear, when there is a catch of not too large fish and it is tactile to estimate, say, a bite of a small “sport” perch. Especially when it comes to rocking gear rigging. Here a bright-bright line, clearly visible against the background of the environment, with its vibrations can let you know that there is a bite.

Also, bright lines are needed in the finishing coat. This is precisely the very option when I purposefully and meticulously choose the color of the cord so that I can see it in any light and any weather and understand how the cord lay and where my equipment is located. A similar requirement for the cord, if the fishing is alloyed nozzles on the surface.

However, many have concerns that the bright visibility of the line might somehow scare the fish away. I will dispel these errors! If it were known for certain that a noticeable cord scares the fish, then no manufacturer would produce a bright dummy that no one would buy, and everyone would make the cords of the most inconspicuous color. So worry about the fearfulness of fish is simply not necessary.

In addition, it is enough to imagine how much of the most diverse garbage the water column carries in order to understand that the fish, no matter the color of the line, if the seductive bait or bait immediately quiver.

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