What are the Advantages of PE Braided Line?

PE braided line, nylon line and fluorocarbon play a key role in lure fishing. For most of anglers, they are familiar with features of nylon and fluorocarbon. But, what are the advantages of PR braided line.

1. Low ductility. Low ductility of PE line can ensure that the signal that fishes attack or artificial lures hit obstacle is transmitted to angle timely and accurately. Ways of offshore fishing and the the features of target fish determine that the angler needs far distance casting when he is fishing. Under such situation, nylon and fluorocarbon are like as a tight rubber band. Transmitted attacking signal is so fuzzy that angler even cannot feel it. Low ductility of braided line makes angler can clearly feel tentative attacking from fish and adjust fishing skills to meet the second attacking or cast the second time on the same site for continuing searching and improving efficiency.

2. Super strong tension. For the same diameter, PE braided line has the highest tension. Except for saltwater, lake, reservoir or seawater paddock, #3 PE line matching with #8 leader can hook up all kinds of target fishes. For example, for 5~15g artificial lures, #1 PE line can match with #2.5~3 leader. So, when PE line is chosen, it just only needs to match with leader. Tension can be ignored.

3. Excellent long casting. With the same tension, PE line has the smallest diameter, compared with other fishing lines. 8 strands PE line is particularly smooth, meeting essential requirements of offshore long casting.

4. Strong oxidation and corrosion resistance. Normally, tension does not change, even a roll of PE line having been continuously used for three years. No matter in saltwater or freshwater, in sunny, rainy or snowy day, the line is less influenced. You just need to replace leader.

PE Braided Line

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  • This appears to be great line, casts good, very strong, spools up nice.

    Greg Lightle

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