The Distinction between Lure Rod and Telescopic Rod

Lure rod and telescopic rod are commonly seen on market. They share some similarities with each other. For some anglers, it is not easy to distinguish lure rod and telescopic rod.

Lure rod also called as sling rod, is used to cast all kinds of artificial lures. According to shape, lure rod can be intuitively classified into spinning rod and casting. What’s more, another special categories of lure rod is existing-fly fishing rod. Telescopic rod is also called as surf rod. The tail of telescopic rod is equipped with a reel. In general, the reel is filled with fishing line in order to cast lure for a far distance.

Lure Rod

Distinction between lure rod and telescopic rod
There are huge differences between lure rod and telescopic rod. Structurally, there are one or four guide rings on every section of lure rod while only one guide ring exists on section of telescopic rod.

Most of lure rods are made of carbon fiber, while telescopic rods are made of fiber glass. The price of lure rods are higher than telescopic rod. For target fishes, using range of lure rod is wider than that of telescopic rod. Lure rod is thinner and lighter than telescopic.

Lure rod has large numbers of types. There are just more than length ,but also for hardness and carbon content. Telescopic rod is only classified by length. Lure rod cannot only be used for long casting large fish, but also for near casting small fish. Telescopic rod is rough and hard, suitable for long casting large fish.

Telescopic Fishing Rod

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