Spinnerbait, the Most General Search Bait

In general, spinnerbait is a kind of search baits, available for 4 seasons. Its structure is quite simple, only consisting of a piece of jig and two pieces of spinner.

As a search bait, spinnerbait has its own advantages that other artificial baits do not have. It not only has excellent ability to cross through light obstacle, also has extraordinary attraction to fish.

Various swimming actions can be shown via different operations.

The spinner is sorted into drop shape and leaf shape and the jig has diverse weight, for reaching to different water layers. Lure fishing is to locate game fish.
Elfin Spinnerbait

Most of anglers have misunderstand about counterweight. Counterweight is not for the the size of fish. Large hook is also not for bigger fisher. All of these aims at making rigs reach to deeper layer. Rigs having higher density and weight, sink faster and deeper.

Same spinner is matched with different counter weights. With the same retrieve speed, spinnerbaits having high weight can reach to deeper layer.

Spinner can be classified into drop shape and leaf shape. With the same retrieve speed, drop shape spinner has larger resistance and reach to lower layer while leaf shape spinner has lower resistance, swinging faster and more reflecting.

With the same weight and retrieve speed, there is a big difference between drop shape spinnerbait and leaf shape spinnerbait.

If you want to reach to deeper layer, you need a leaf-shape spinnerbait having high weight. If you want to reach to lower layer, you need a drop-shape spinnerbait having light weight.

Colors of spinnerbait contain colors of spinner and colors of skirt. Choosing colors should follow water colors and activity of fishes.

In muddy water, gold spinner matching with dark skirt has good effectiveness. Bait fishes cannot have high reflection just like in clear water. In clear water, silver spinner matching with bright skirt can simulate posture of bait fishes.

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