How to Maintain Fly Fishing Line and Backing Line

Fly fishing anglers want to how long fly fishing line can be used for. Manufacturers also cannot giver a certain answer. Because various factors should be considered. In general, environment, maintenance and exact service time have closed relationship with service life of line. Someone says that line can be used for more than 2 seasons. Someone says that line can be used for 200-300 hours due to maintained properly. Service life mainly depends on proper maintenance.

Maintenance on fly fishing line and backing line
Many factors cause damage to fishing line, generally classified into human factors, such as pulling out from ring violently, tread unwittingly and dragged over reef, sand or mud; and natural factors such as ultraviolet ray, excessive heat and chemicals (pollutants in river or lake, suntan oil, grease and salt contained in seawater).

Some manufacturers inject lubricating oil into surface layer of line. There are small holes on the surface, slowing leaking out the oil to the surface to maintain smoothness and buoyancy. Dirt on line blocks the holes and lubricating oil cannot flow out to surface, then, the line loses its smoothness. Fly fishing line kept on axle can result in coil which also called as memorability. Coil may hinder casting.

Fly Fishing Line

Service life of fishing line is largely shortened without timely maintenance. Only a little maintenance can extend service life.

Backing line does not need maintenance, when used in fresh water. If it is used in seawater, ultraviolet ray and salt cause damage to backing line. Maintenance is unnecessary for the backing line on spool. But the line needs to be check if any damage on it, such as cut by reef or rock. Salt after being dried out adheres to backing line, or even causing mildew.

1.Fly line must be washed out by using faucet to stop salt and stains from drying out after fishing. Then, the line should be twined on ventilated axle for next fishing.

2.Every year, fishing line should be washed at least 4 times (if it has ever been used for sea water, the line needs to be washed several times). Fly line and back line need to be soaked in hot suds for several hours for salt and stains falling off. Note: cleaner essence should not be used as much as possible for it changing tension on surface and reducing buoyancy. Soap or baby shampoo is better. The line needs to be painted with a little dressing frequently. Silicone based dressing may hurt the line.

Backing Line

3.Straighten the line before casting to avoid the line being dragged on the ground and hurt the surface. If you need to walk, you had better pick up spare line in case of being stamped.

4.Practice should be carried out on lawn instead of road or concrete floor. The line must be store in cool in case of direct sunlight.

5.Humid fly line and backing line mildew when they are under enclosed environment. Mould causes damage to surface, influencing casting and reducing buoyancy further.


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