How to Maintain Fishing Lines

Features of fishing lines play a key role in fishing. A piece of fishing line with excellent properties will help you catch more fishes. However, the fishing lines need need to maintain properly, or they will be weakened.

Water on the fishing line must be wiped out timely by using dry cloth after every fishing ending. The water constitutions in the fishing area are complicated, including oil, salt, alkali, acid and other ingredients. If the water containing those constitutions is not wiped, the intensity can be reduced due to the lines being corroded.

Twine the line gently on line winder. Make the lines slack as much as possible, not too uptight. The fishing line will lose its elasticity for being stressed for a long time.

Circular line winder should be first choice. There is a right angle on both sides of square line winder. The strength on bending point of line will descend, if the line is put on the winder for a long time. In addition, outlet line is rugged or jagged.

All of fishing lines should be stored in dray and shaded area without pollution, in case of deterioration or ageing for wetting.

When you go out for fishing, don store winder having fishing lines together with other sundries, to prevent the line from being hurt. The winder must be kept away from oil.

If color on fishing lines are changing, fading or the lines are friable, the lines have aged or start ageing. The lines should be changed immediately, otherwise, the lines will be broken and the fishes run away.

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