How to Choose Fly Fishing Flies?

Fly fishing is originated from the Western, and quite popular among the young people. However, fly fishing is not easy. It requires proper flies and skills.

Skills for choosing flies
Large numbers of nymph are existing in stream, and nymph is one of commonly used flies in fly fishing. Most of survival time of nymph are in water. Ephemeroptera and naiads of trichoptera or plecoptera are ideal natural samples for making flies.

Adult of ephemeropetra are commonly seen in the silt of stream. Trichoptera is holometabolic insect, staying in cocoon. Stonefly is the largest species of plecoptera. Its larva usually stays under the gravels of streams. They can be found easily when we turn over stone near the stream at random.

When we know the features of baits of fish, we can make flies easily and have extensive materials.

Skills for finding fish
Streams are spread everywhere. When can we find the fish? Especially for beginner, where can they cast? Key point of fly fishing is to know well the features of stream. We should choose stream on the basis of depth and width of stream, species of fish and vegetation and categories of insects. Harvesting relies on stream.

In general, we prefer hiding place of insects. The more nymph are, the more fish are. Nymph flies are commonly used for torrent gract, flat shoal and deep pool under falls, where nymph prefers to staying. In short, we find the nymph and then we can find fish.

Fly Fishing

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