How to Choose Colors of Artificial Baits

Artificial baits with various colors can cause different results when we are fishing. So we should choose colors and types of artificial baits based on water colors and situations. People have misunderstand about colors, especially whether fish can see the colors in the water or not.

This article is only about the actual results of color application during fishing, only limiting to 9 colors which can be found in natural: red, purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, silver, white and black. The color can be found in the water because every color has its own wave length. The different depths filter different wave lengths and eliminates unnecessary colors meanwhile. For example, one color is filtered by water in a certain depth. The color disappears in fact no mater whether you or fish can see it or not.
Colors of Artificial Baits

1.100% visibility - all of colors
They can be seen in the water. The most effective color is similar to natural objectives.

2.80% visibility - red
Red can stimulate predator. It is also the color of gill, the attacking point of predator.

3.60% visibility - purple
Purple is particularly attractive color for largemouth bass, just like blue. Purple can be seen as blue in some distances.

4.40% visibility - orange
Orange has the same contrast effects as yellow, just only a little warmer and inconspicuous. The difference between them is that orange has slight red. Some bait fishes have orange articles or spots. Orange can be shown in the bottom shadow largely.

5.30% visibility - yellow
It is all-weather color. The reason may be that it can reflect lights brightly which can cause strong contrast with some objects such as covers, sky and bottom in the water. Although yellow can turn into white light in a far distance, fishes are able to find it more easily, compared with other colors.

6.15% visibility - blue
Blue worm is the best selling all-weather lure for largemouth bass in the U.S.. Blue is always blue no matter how far it is. In the ocean, when other colors disappear, blue still keeps its color, which is not influenced by water visibility.

7.15% visibility - silver
Silver is usually treated as color of fishes. In the situation that scale reflect light, a bait fish swimming fast with scale sparkling under light can attract predator. Silver is the most welcomed color for it is still effective in the water with only 5% visibility.

8.15% visibility - white
The color can reflect all of lights. It can be seen in any water, even in muddy water filled with mud.

9.Less than 15% visibility - black
Besides white, black can also cause strong contrast effect.

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