How to Choose a Good Fishing Line

As is known to all, fishing line is an essential fishing tackle for all of anglers. Choosing fishing lines on the basis of different situations is one of skills for anglers.

If you fish in reef zone, fishing line having good abrasive resistance should be used. The line cannot be easily cut off by edge of rock. If you fish in position where there are less obstacles, you should focus on tensile strength and thickness of line.

In addition, you choose line suitable for yourself. Lines sink into water rapidly or slowly. Some lines float on the water surface. Choosing the line which can give full play to your ability, you can achieve harvest.

In the opinion of water absorption, nylon has high water absorption. However, nylon line ages after absorbing water. So, line whose surface has water repellent coating should be utilized.

In general, fluorocarbon has low water absorption. PE braided line has no water absorption theoretically. But PE line is braided with multiple strands of fibers. Water enters into gap easily, having influence on use feeling of line.
Goture PE Braided Line

Abrasive resistance refers to the ability that keep strength in case of being cut off when line is rubbed by obstacles. Fluorocarbon has the highest abrasive resistance. Nylon is the next. PE line has the least abrasive resistance.

With the development of materials and coating processing technology, abrasive resistance of line is significantly improved.

Commonly used lines include #0.4 (diameter 0.104mm), #0.6 (diameter 0.128mm), #0.8 (diameter 0.148mm), #1 (diameter 0.165mm), #1.2 (diameter 0.185mm), #1.5 (diameter 0.205mm), #2 (diameter 0.235mm), #2.5 (diameter 0.260mm), #3 (diameter 0.285mm), #3.5 (diameter 0.310mm), #4 (diameter 0.330mm), #5 (diameter 0.370mm).

At last, fishing lines easily due to sunlight. Moreover, ultraviolet light also has influence on line. Fluorocarbon and braided line have excellent light resistance while nylon ages rapidly for direct sunlight. Nylon should be stored in shading box in case of direct sunlight.

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