Features & Tips of Soft Lures

Lures are classified into soft lures and hard lures. For most of lure fishing beginners, they consider that the effects of soft lures are much better than that of hard lures, though the prices of hard lures are higher. In fact, no matter whether hard lures or soft lure, proper skills help us achieve abundant fishery harvesting.

Features of soft lures
First of all, soft lures have extremely excellent cost performance. They are quite suitable for beginners. Even fishing line is broken or lures are lost, you still can afford it. Secondly, their swimming action is more life-like in the water due to their shape. In addition, soft lures generally have light weight. Sinking velocity is much slower than that of hard lures. Therefore, soft lures have excellent attraction in fishing sites which have larger hydraulic pressure. Finally, using soft lures to match with rigs is quite easy, such as Texas rigs and jig head. Beginner can operate expertly soon.

Tips of soft lures
Actually, using soft lures is the same as using hard lures. Law of jungle is natural law. In the water, most of fishes are on diet of tiddler or shrimp which are smaller than them. Some artificial lures are not like creatures. But they may stimulate curiosity of some fishes, promoting them to attack. Some fishes have strong sense of territory. They expel all of invaders. That is one of reasons why fishes bite the lure. Moreover, protecting pups is also one of instincts for most of animals. If you can make the fish feel the threat, you can hook up the fish.

Soft Lures

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