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Features of Fishing Line, Cannot be Ignored

We choose rod, reel and line on the basis of hydrology, so we can achieve harvest. Fishing line plays a key role, so we cannot ignore the features of fishing line.

Ductility. At presents, fishing line on the market is commonly classified into monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided line. Monofilament has the highest ductility, which can be as high as 15%-30%. Fluorocarbon takes the second place, whose ductility is only half of monofilament. Braided line almost has no ductility. As is well-known, the lower ductility is, the higher sensitivity is (you can feel it, even a small fish bites gently). On the contrary, the higher ductility is, the lower sensitivity. It can provide larger room for maneuver when you fight with a big fish. The line cannot be broken easily.

For such feature, we need to consider seriously when we choose line and rod. In general, line having high ductility matches with heavy rod, while line with low ductility match with light rod. However, practice is not the same. For example, if you match braided line with heavy rod, hook and lure break away from the mouth easily and fish runs away, or the line even is broken. But, one of advantages of fishing line having low ductility is long casting distance. With the same diameter, braided line has farther casting distance than monofilament. And braided line has higher strength than monofilament or fluorocarbon with the same diameter.

Visibility. Another distinction among three kinds of fishing line is visibility, which is also a main factor that we need to consider. Braided line is non-transparent, which can be found easily in the water. Monofilament can refract sunlight , so it has definite concealing. Reflective index of fluorocarbon is closed to that of water. It almost cannot be found in the water. That is also a reason why we use it as leader. Leader choosing should follow kinds of artificial lures and hydrology. In clear water layer or occasions having high visibility, fluorocarbon is better than monofilament.

Water-cut. Fluorocarbon has better water-cut than monofilament and sinking faster than mononfilament or braided line. Matching with sinking artificial lures, fluorocarbon can reach bottom quickly. However, monofilament sinking slowly can show better swimming stroke, when it matches with earthworm or worm soft bait. It should be noted that fluorocarbon leader cannot be used with top water. Water-cut of fluorocarbon may affect swimming stroke of top water. Monofilament is the best choice. Fluorocarbon is sensitive to friction. So, it need to touches water before being knotted.

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