Colors of Frog Lures, Attraction to Fishes

In recent years, more and more anglers are interested in catching black fish by lure fishing. Relevant fishing tackles are also developed quickly, especially frog lures. Besides newfangled shapes (such as egg, mouse and duck), colors are increasingly rich.

For colors of frog lures, people have different opinions. So, do the colors have any attractions to fishes?

Not only frog lures, other artificial baits also have various colors. Some anglers consider that red has the best attractions, because it looks like blood, leading predaceous fishes to attack. However, fishes have poor visibility. They cannot distinguish blood. So the opinion still remains to be discussed.

Frog Lures

Some researches show that various colors differs reflection under the water for their own spectrum. Some colors maybe particularly obvious, more easily found by fishes. However, the opinion is lack of specific evidence. Frog lures are top water lure, floating on the water. Black fish observe at backlight under the water. It can only see a cucoloris (black).

For this, we can conclude that colors have no attractions to fish. You can catch fish, no matter what colors are used, only requiring precise techniques.

However, it does not mean that colors are absolutely useless. Firstly, some colors are quite beautiful, making us pleasure. Secondly, bright frog lures are more easily found. For example, red or yellow can be used, when we fish in grass area having green, so we can see the lure from far distance.

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