Artificial Lures Used for Sea Fishing

For the fierce marine fishes, artificial lures used in sea fishing have their own advantages and fishing pleasures. When fishing on jetty or rock, we should pull lures sideways in case of being get stuck under the water. Shallow submerged floating lure should be used. Pull the lure to change rhythm and attract the target fish to bite the lure.

In deep water or rock, deep diving floating artificial lure having large clapper should be used.

The feature of suspending artificial lures is that the lures can suspend in any depth. For this, we can pull the lure to search target fishes. The lure can simulate actions of wounded or dying fishes to attract target fishes.

Jig Fishing Lure

For windy or large tide water, we should use artificial having large weight and settling velocity, convenient for long cast and reaching to target layer quickly. When fishes in bottom are chosen as target fishes, jig head or metal spoon should be priority, but getting stuck should draw attention.

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